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I’m sick, I’m unwell, I’ve got back pain, my head hurts from a migraine,
I’ve been vomiting all night, my child is sick, I have a stomach bug.
All physical health conditions. All lies.


Envision a community where people are safe to take mental health days,
and workplaces are mentally healthy safe spaces free of stigma and discrimination.


Learn about why people take mental health / self-care / wellness days, the impact on individuals, organisations and the wider community. Use the hashtags for awareness and advocacy, support others and do tell your mental health day (MHD) story.


Learn how to proactively look after your health and wellbeing because we know that preventative measures have the greatest impact. Find out how and when to take a mental health day and support others on these days.

Stigma Reduction

Learn about the stigma around mental health and taking telling people you are taking mental health days. Empower yourself and your community to embrace mental health days and be confident to share your stories without fear of stigma.


Why do we lie? In this day and age, we should be able to speak the truth and let people know we need a mental health day. It’s not really about calling it a mental health day, it’s about being okay with showing vulnerability at work without fear of judgement or stigma, and knowing we will be supported. Whether we are not coping, or we are burnt out, or we have a developing mental illness we should be able to disclose without fear of judgement or stigma. Being vulnerable to what life can deal us is not a sign of weakness, it is a strength to be self-aware enough to recognise the need for self-care, beat the fear, release the shame, build the courage and act on it in a proactive way. This proactive approach can positively impact our wellbeing longer term and make us a better person and employee. There is no courage without vulnerability.

Stress, burnout, substance use and mental illness costs billions to our community. Work-related stress alone is associated with an increased risk for ill health (e.g., coronary heart disease, depression, anxiety and musculoskeletal pain) and overall mortality. Absenteeism, presenteeism (at work but unproductive), productivity losses and workplace accidents due to stress cost around $44 billion in the US, 15.1 billion pounds in the UK, and $12.6 billion in Australia each year.

Research shows that employers who invest in mentally healthy workplaces would see a reduction in sickness and absence, along with increased productivity and higher retention. PriceWaterhouseCoopers found each dollar spent on workplace health meant a $14.50 return on productivity for some industries.

Let’s include Mental Health Days in this investment. Companies and organisations can show support via this hashtag #wesupportamentalhealthday


Encourage and support all workers and tertiary students with information and tools to speak up and share when they are taking a mental health day knowing it is safe to do so. Encourage all workplaces and educational institutions to declare their mental health policy showing acceptance of mental health days, and a declaration that their workplaces are mentally healthy safe places free of stigma and discrimination.


A community where all people are safe to share when they are taking mental health days, and workplaces and educational institutions are mentally healthy safe spaces free of stigma and discrimination.

Prepare, Care, Share, Protect, Reflect


Let’s be clear. Mental health days are not just about mental illness.

Burnout, situational depression or anxiety attack, personal life crisis, work stress
relationship issues, grief, financial issues, bullying, mental exhaustion, substance use.

Not a physical matter but something related to thoughts, emotions, feelings, self-esteem, or your
worldview that makes you need some time out can be classified a mental health or self-care day.

How are you? Sleep-Deprived, Stressed, Burnt Out? Scroll below to reveal some tips and tools to help you


The Past

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