Rational. It should be the responsibility of individuals to take care of their own wellbeing. Self-awareness of the impact of stress, overwork and burnout is a crucial skill these days.

A proactive attitude towards to self-care and the courage to speak up and let your employer, colleagues, family and friends know you need time to dedicate to the self, goes a long way to ensuring support, and positive outcomes for all.

This upfront and proactive approach also assists greatly in breaking down the stigma associated with dedicated and strategic self-care and taking a mental health day(s).

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1. I will aim to make my self-care equal to that of the other care I give to my partner, my children, my work.

2. I recognise that taking a mental health day unnecessarily will likely have a negative impact on others. I will not abuse the opportunity for taking a genuine mental health day.

3. Self-care is both a set of activities and a repetitive cycle of behaviour (Act → Monitor → Recognise → Evaluate → Act). Self-care behaviours involve individual capability, opportunity and motivation. https://isfglobal.org/a-manifesto-for-self-care/

4. I will not take for granted the opportunity for self-care.

5. I will work towards preventative self-care and promote this type of care to my work colleagues.

6. I will look for ways to weave self-care into my workday.

7. I will value time, relationships, money, and resources.

8. I will surround myself with positive and supportive people.

9. I will update and make my workspace ergonomically sound.

10. I will nurture my body with nutritious foods, useful supplements, exercise and rest.

11. I will engage in daily mindful practice.

12. I will minimise the intake of harmful toxins in the form of food, alcohol and other drugs.

13. I will prioritise restorative sleep hygiene.

14. I will recharge regularly and reboot.

15. I will check in with my employer to establish whether they have a mental health/employee wellbeing policy and if not in place, encourage them to establish these policies.

16. I will be courageous and speak up wherever possible and declare my need for a mental health day without fear of stigma.

17. I will seek out those who are supportive friends, coworkers, family and look to them when required.

18. My aim will be to showcase the preventative benefits of self-care and resilience-building activities to my networks.

19. I will share the mental health day hashtags, past, present and future to help build awareness and reduce stigma.

20. I will encourage open conversations about mental health, burn out, stress and substance abuse and give support to my immediate network and those I encounter online.

21. I will aim to share the MHD hashtags where possible via my social media networks.

22. I will be authentic and truthful.