Becoming a mental health advocate can include big and small actions—it all matters!

Here are some ways to get involved. Share your experience, support others, affect change and help reduce the stigma. 

1. Post your mental health day experience on your fav social channels and use the hashtags

2. Print or buy a poster and put it up in your workplace, school or community hub

3. Follow the hashtags and show your support for those taking mental health days

4. Share the support a mental health day hashtags and show your support for mental health days either as an organisation or as an individual

5. Encourage your boss, manager, CEO, HR department to be transparent about their support for mental health days and share the organisation mental health policy and strategy.

6. Look out for your friends, work colleagues, fellow students and family. Explain the value of self-care, mental health days, and let them know that vulnerability is a superpower and they can count on you if they need some support.

Learn more about what it means to be a mental health advocate and now to become one here.

Here are some images you can use freely to promote this campaign.