Traditionally, vulnerability has not been seen in a positive light. Being vulnerable means opening yourself up to the risk of hurt, rejection and other negative outcomes. For many people, especially those who have had their vulnerability exploited in the past, finding the courage to be emotionally honest can be a challenge. The good news is that exposing vulnerability often puts individuals in a position of surprising strength. Take a look at why vulnerability may be your most useful superpower!

Being vulnerable means asking for help

Sometimes, asking for help when you most need it is hard. The reality is that, if you don’t ask, you often don’t get! Reaching out to professionals, friends and colleagues for support will almost always have a positive outcome. There is plenty of support out there for people with mental health problems: exposing your vulnerability and need for assistance is often the first step towards accessing the right tools for recovery. Being ready and able to assist is a great thing.

Keeping up an act is exhausting!

Pretending that everything is OK, when it’s really not, takes an enormous amount of emotional energy. Recognising that “it’s always OK to not be OK” is a powerful stimulus to recovery. Emotional honesty with oneself is essential in order to avoid causing further mental damage. For many people, being able to admit that they’re not well can be an enormous relief, as well as a strong aid to healing.

Vulnerability helps people to connect

Being open about your feelings can be a powerful catalyst for others to do the same. Vulnerability is key to close relationships. Frequently, people who admit that they’re not managing, or don’t always feel positive, will find that others feel the same way. Feelings of isolation and a sense that “nobody else feels like this” are key symptoms of a wide range of mental health problems. For many individuals, the realisation that they’re not alone in their emotional distress can be of enormous comfort. In addition, fellow sufferers often have helpful tips to share, potentially providing rewarding healing avenues to explore.

For many people, showing their vulnerability is the first step towards increasing their resilience, and beginning the journey towards enhanced well-being.

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